Water Leaks: Everything You Need To Know

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There are many times when a noticeable puddle of water under our cars have given us a cause for concern. We wonder if the car is still in good condition or if it is even safe enough to drive. Just as the body requires water to function effectively, so does your car, however, in order to ensure that it can be handled appropriately, understanding water leaks will enable the prevention of any impending mechanical problems.

Water leaks may be internal or external. In comparison to antifreeze and gasoline leaks, leaking water is common and can be curbed if noticed early enough. While there are drivers who may choose to ignore minimal amounts of water leaks, it is advisable to seek a local mechanic’s help in solving the problem.

Water Leaks – Causes and What To Do

Water leaks usually come from a car’s underside. However, it is important to determine whether the leak is as a result of condensed water from the air conditioner or a leaky radiator cap. The following are the most common causes of a leaking car:

A faulty exhaust pipe or cooling system

The exhaust and cooling systems are the most common parts of a car that are associated with water leaks. Normally, the exhaust pushes out a small quantity of water due to the combustion of fuel, therefore, a wet patch under the tail pipe could be ignored. However, an overheated coolant that results from a failing water pump should be checked by a mobile mechanic.

Also, water expends as it get hotter. As such, too much water in the system may cause an overflow. Nowadays, modern cars come with a header tank that accommodate extra volume of water but cars without header tanks should never be filled over the maximum as the water will overflow.

Poorly installed windshields

The poor installation of windshields is also a common cause of water leaks in your car. If a windshield is not installed by a professional, not only will it pose a safety issue but it will also result to leakages. Therefore, it is important to leave this process of installation only to highly qualified and professional windshield repair companies.

Improperly sealed body seams

Seams that were not sealed properly or were broken open in the event of a car accident are also a cause for concern. Finding the point of water entry may be struggle for any individual but with the right mobile mechanic, identification and repair is an easy process.

Clogged air conditioners

Usually, air conditioners take humidity out of the air in the passenger compartment and as result, collects a lot of water. While water that drips from the conditioner drain onto the ground may be normal, water that leaks directly from the air conditioner is not. If it has not been raining, the air conditioner may be clogged thus removing it for thorough cleaning is the most logical solution.

Water leaks should be identified and fixed accordingly. Apart from the replacement of the leaking part of the car, identifying the leak early enough may simply be resolved by a quick fix. Frequent servicing of your car will not only help to identify potential problems in the car but it will also enable you to fix the leak before the problem escalates.

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