Quick Tips On How To Find The Ignition Timing Connector And Specifications

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Is your quest for how to find the ignition timing connector and specifications of a vehicle? Are you still struggling to locate the ignition timing connector and specifications as a mobile mechanic? Well, if these questions are creating a problem in your mind, then you have landed on the right page. Read on to discover some simple tips to help you when handling the ignition timing connector and specification projects.

It is important to know that the ignition timing connector can be found in the engine wiring harness conduit located adjacent to the distributor. It remains a single wire connector that has a black stripe lead with a tan. On the Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) label, you will also find timing specifications listed under the hood. It is expedient to always follow the VECI label procedures first prior to implementing the entire process. As a car mechanic, you can consult the manufacturer’s website, owner’s manual or call the dealer’s service center to ask about the procedure.

Tips To Set The Ignition Timing:

1. A/C “OFF”.

2. Air cleaner should be installed.

3. Ensure to follow normal temperature.

4. Ensure to disconnect set timing connector found in the harness near the distributor. Be careful not to disconnect the four wire connector at the distributor.

5. Keep the transmission in a neutral position.

6. The timing should be connected lightly and adjust or alter if necessary by rotating the distributor and loosening the hold down bolt.

Base Timing With Automatic And Manual Transmissions:

1. Try to stop the car engine and connect set timing connector.

2. Recheck the timing after tightening the hold down.

3. Clear ECM trouble code. This can be done by disconnecting ECM power source.


With the comprehensive information in this content, how to find the ignition timing connector and specifications of a car will no longer a problem to you. You can give it a try now.

If you require any assistance with your motor vehicle, contact your local car mechanic.

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