Protective Measures In Place For All Staff Throughout The Coronavirus

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Yes we are still here!

We are sorry it has been a while. The past two years has been amazing and we thank every single one of you for being a part of it. We have met some amazing people on the way and it makes every day worthwhile repairing and servicing your vehicles. Thank you to our Middlesbrough, Hull, Wakefield and Blackpool customers.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, life has got a little more difficult and the last thing we want to do is make things worse. Although less cars on the road is a good thing, as it means less accident and less demand on the emergency services, they are still needed for all key workers.

Over the last 4 weeks we have been working on emergency callouts. This means those who have no choice. The government have been great to extend MOTs and servicing guidelines to reduce the need and contact among people, but repairs for breakdowns and unsafe conditions are unavoidable and people need help to get moving again. Without they wouldn’t be able to visit the shops or chemist or provide care and support for loved ones, not to mention get to work for key workers.

That’s why we have put in measures to ensure we can provide the highest levels of care whilst protecting you and our staff from the coronavirus.

Social distancing is key. Please let us know the problems that has occurred then we politely ask you to keep your distance whilst we get to work. Whether its the roadside, your home, or place of work, we insist on a distance of over 3 metres due to the amount of time we may need to be there.

We use the highest quality PPE. We use coronavirus face masks from NAD Lab UK who kindly donated them due to them being long time customers of ours. We also use nitrile gloves and regular wash and disinfect our equipment, van and hands to take the highest precautions whilst the coronavirus is active and a risk to everyone.

All payments can be made contactless too, with bank details ready to send. If you wish to pay by cash we ask that you place it in a bag or envelope to take away.

Working hours have not changed. We are here for you when we need us, and we want to let key workers know we are here if you need us. We believe we need to do what we can to ensure the crucial services do not suffer due to lack of service or coverage. We are in this together.

On a personal note, please keep safe and do not make unnecessary journeys. We know it’s difficult but the commitment we show now will mean a shorter disruption and the quicker we can get back to normal.

Thank you again to all customers and a big thank you to for their kind donation of personal protective equipment.

We are focussing on keeping you safe and on the road (when you need to) this time. If you are in Middlesbrough, Hull, Blackpool or Wakefield, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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