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Many of you drivers out there will agree with me that driving too fast will definitely give you very little chance of avoiding potholes on the road risking the chance of earning your next ticket to the mobile mechanic. This is true especially on a road with a number of blind areas and corners. The best advice for drivers is to try as much as possible to follow driving tips on potholes as this will help you avoid costly repairs that could have been avoided.

First things first, you have to keep your vehicle in good running condition.This is to say that you need to visit your mechanic every scheduled time and whenever you notice any thing out of the ordinary. This includes your regular oil change, your suspension system in good shape, your car tyres in good condition and all the regular essentials like your windscreen fluid to enable you see the road clearly.

For you to see those potholes clearly if its a rainy day or you are driving up a dusty road, you have to make sure your windshield wiper is good and you have filled up your wiper fluid.The other thing you have to keep in mind whenever you are driving on a road that you are not very familiar with, you have to drive on a moderate speed that will allow you to see the pothole in good time and avoid them.

Whenever you come across a pothole, you should think very fast by assessing how big it is, its position on the road and whether other road users are at a safe distance for you to avoid the potholes. This is because its not all the time advisable to avoid potholes, you can slow down and drive slowly over the potholes especially when there’s is danger of hitting other vehicles or you can as well decide to hit the potholes if you were at a very high speed and hitting the breaks or going round the pothole is not such a good idea.

Whenever your happen to hit very bad potholes along the road, you have to make sure you visit your car mechanic to establish whether your car is in good running condition. Potholes can result in damages to your car tyres or suspension system. Swaying on the road to avoid potholes at very high speeds may also result in a car accident when the driver loses control of the vehicle.

You should always report bad potholes to the local council to avoid further incidents resulting from it. You can report a pot hole via the government website here.

And so the best thing to do so as to avoid costly repairs or accidents is to follow your driving tips on potholes.

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