Don’t you just wish you had a quick responding team of mechanics on speed dial every time you had trouble with your car regardless of your location…? The sad truth about cars or any other “vehicular contraptions” is that despite their obvious benefits and convenience, they also breakdown at the most inopportune time! And sometimes without any warning at all…

So what does a stranded motorist do when their vehicle suddenly stalls? Who do you call when your car starts exhibiting signs of trouble while on the move?

State of the art equipment identifying the problem

Mobile mechanics are the new superheroes of the auto care and repair world. They are always there when you need them… on time for scheduled services, and right there with you on emergencies. You should probably have a mobile mechanic run some quick mobile car diagnostics if you notice the following signs:

* When you move your car and you see drops or small streams of fluids. This could mean that you have a leak somewhere in your engine. (engine oil, clutch fluid, fuel, radiator coolant… e.t.c)

* When your car refuses to start. This can be as a result of several issues which include a faulty alternator, a flooded carburetor, a faulty battery or loose terminals, faulty electrical systems, or your car could simply be out of fuel!

* When you notice funny persistent smells or see choking smoke inside your car. This could mean that you have issues with your clutch or there’s a leak in the exhaust system. It is extremely dangerous to continue driving while breathing in these potentially harmful fumes.

* When your car starts squealing, bumping, or vibrating. This could mean you have trouble with your brake pads.

* When you notice other small issues such as a slipping clutch. This could mean that your car does not get into gear properly and you may need to change the clutch plates, master and slave cylinders, clutch cables, or pressure plates. Something a professional and certified mobile mechanic can fix with ease.

* When you car is on schedule for normal servicing. Regular full engine checks mean that there are less surprises and breakages. Worn out parts that can cause serious engine problems such as the timing belt can be replaced and broken ones repaired to maintain your car at optimum performance.


Why Call a Mobile Auto Mechanic?

Cost – mobile mechanics are by far cheaper than traditional auto repair shops. Another way mobile mechanics help you save money is by eliminating the towing service.

Flexibility & Reliability – mobile mechanics have flexible working schedules and they’re quite reliable especially for busy people who can’t find time to visit auto shops every other time. Most professional mobile mechanics are available around the clock.

Convenience – mobile mechanics can come to you wherever you are, whenever you need them. Whether at work, at the gym, at home, it really doesn’t matter… a mobile mechanic will be right there when called upon.

On the Spot Diagnosis and Estimates – mobile mechanics run comprehensive mobile car diagnostics and quote on the spot. This helps you get the real picture concerning your total expenses as opposed to the agony of waiting to be slapped with an overblown invoice from an auto shop.

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