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Are you looking to advertise your services more effectively in your local area? Are you looking to increase the number of calls and work for your mobile mechanic business?

Other than local directory listings and Facebook, mobile mechanics find it incredibly difficult to:

  • promote their services effectively
  • differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • drive traffic to their website if they have one
  • afford a consistent marketing campaign

We thought we would help.

At Geek Mechanics, we build premium quality, high converting websites for mobile mechanics for locations across the UK. We then position these websites on the first page of Google to bring guaranteed traffic and exposure.

For each location, we offer the opportunity for one high reviewed mechanic to become a Geek Mechanic and receive 100% of the leads we generate through our website.

That’s right, a premium quality website generating guaranteed leads for your mobile mechanic business.

So, how much will this cost you? A small initial setup fee and an ongoing monthly charge based on the amount of leads you are expected to receive each month. Therefore you can easily measure the rate of return on your investment,

Pre-qualified lead generation. We call this Premium Advertising.


The Statistics

Here are factual examples of projects we are working on currently to give you an idea of what to expect if you were to become a Geek Mechanic. However, every area is different and we will complete a detailed analysis of the demand in your area to identify if it is a viable option for you.

Location 1

First page of Google for

  • Mobile Mechanic “Location 1”
  • Mobile Mechanics “Location 1”
  • Mechanic “Location 1”
  • Car Mechanic “Location 1”
  • Mobile Mechanics Near Me

Opportunity per month

  • Over 200 searches
  • Estimated 40 leads per month

Location 2

First page of Google for

  • Mobile Mechanic “Location 2”
  • Mobile Mechanics “Location 2”
  • Mechanic “Location 2”
  • Car Mechanic “Location 2”
  • Mobile Mechanics Near Me

Opportunity per month

  • Over 180 searches
  • Estimated 35 leads per month

Location 3

First page of Google for

  • Mobile Mechanic “Location 3”
  • Mobile Mechanics”Location 3″
  • Mechanic “Location 3”
  • Car Mechanic “Location 3”
  • Mobile Mechanics Near Me

Opportunity per month

  • Over 150 searches
  • Estimated 40 leads per month


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