How to maintain your car in an excellent condition at all times

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It is critical to ensure your car is safe and reliable to ride. Regular service at periodic intervals delivers the highest levels of performance and also increases the longevity. But apart from the servicing, regular maintenance and looking for common signs can prevent major damages to vehicle sub-systems. Here are a few tips that you can follow to maintain your car at an impeccable condition.

Keep an eye on the Engine Warning Signs:

The dashboard of your car shows vital warning lights in case of a problem. The engine oil light, the engine temperature gauge and the brake light are some of the few. It’s better to get a mechanic check out the problems sooner than later. These can be solved easily and at a low cost initially. Persisting with these problems will definitely make you pay a huge price.

Start-up slowly:

You might have seen drivers’ flooring their cars immediately after the ignition is ON. It takes a few seconds for the oil pump to lubricate the engine after the start-up. During that time, the rpm should be kept to a minimum. An ideal time would be around 20 to 30 seconds during which the oil would lubricate the engine.

Tire Pressures:

Both underinflated and overinflated tires can have significant issues on the car. Underinflated tires flatten and it bends more causing loss of mileage and steering precision during cornering. Overinflated tires provide way for a harsher ride. Therefore an ideal tire pressure has to be maintained to have a comfortable ride. The ideal tire pressures can be found in the manual or near the driver’s door.

Check Coolants and Fluids:

The fluids can be checked at the comfort of your home. To check the engine oil, pull out the oil dipstick and wipe it with a cloth. Dip it and check if the oil is above the recommended markings. The radiator reservoir and brake cylinder reservoir can be checked easily. Almost like a mini car service.


Brakes form the integral part of safety in your car. Brake pads are the ones which wear away very soon. If you hear the sound of brake squeal, then you have to change the pads immediately. On the other hand, if you hear a grinding noise while driving, it is the rotor (brake disc) that needs replacement. But the former needs to be replaced on regular intervals than the latter.

Other issues:

If your car steers away during the ride or when you find oil leaks when parked or start-up problems, it is better to consult your mobile mechanic and get the problem sorted out.


These checks will improve safety, retain your car’s value, reduce wear and tear and save you money at the pumps!


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