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Many road users find it annoying to drive around in vehicles that make unnecessary noises on the road. Such noises come about as a result of one component of the car malfunctioning, or another component breaking for one reason or the other. The most common cause of noise emissions from a vehicle is a faulty exhaust. This may be the entire exhaust system, or a particular section. As soon as you begin hearing such noises, you need to take it upon yourself to inspect and find out where the issues arises from.

Alternatively, you may take your vehicle to a certified mobile mechanic for diagnosis and advise on how to fix that loud exhaust.

Here are the two main reasons that may bring about the unusual sounds emanating from your exhaust.

1. Whenever you hear strange noises coming from the back of your vehicle, the exhaust is probably the reason. You simply need to check the muffler of the care and verify what could have gone wrong. In some instances, you may realise that a loose muffler connection, or a bad seal are the main reasons behind such sounds. If this is the case, simply visit your local car dealer or mechanic and have them rectify this issue for you.

2. If the sound is coming closer towards the center of the vehicle, you may be in for a more significant repair. This is often cause by a minor hole on the exhaust pipe. You may therefore opt to replace the entire pipe or simply weld the specific are to cover the hole. Equally, you may have a loose join at the intersections where the different sections of the exhaust pipe meet. This can be rectified by simply welding the joints together to cover any gaps.

If you happen to hear strange noises coming from your exhaust, always make it a priority to get the problem inspected and fixed as soon as possible.

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