6 Tips for Driving In Foggy Weather

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Driving can be tough when the weather is anything but sunny. Driving in the fog is one of most drivers’ most hated duties because it can be dangerous and makes many people nervous. Fog can’t always be avoided, though, so here are a few tips for driving safely in the fog.

1. Slow down

Racing down the highway when you can’t see more than a few feet in front of you is never a good idea- especially when the road ahead of you isn’t a straight stretch. Going too fast in foggy weather can be a major safety hazard.

2. Headlights

Using the brightest lights your vehicle has may seem like a good idea, but it really isn’t. Bright lights can cause the water droplets in fog to be reflected, causing your eyes to play tricks on you. Stick to your headlights.

3. Focus

Always focus on the road, whether it’s foggy outside or not. If it is foggy, though, take special care to stay focused. Don’t try to send a text message or switch radio channels when you are surrounded by fog. Being distracted when it is already hard to see clearly can make driving safely even harder.

4. Avoid stopping

If it is foggy, you might be tempted to slow down or even stop on the road. Try to avoid that plan if it is at all possible. Stopping on a foggy road can make it hard for other drivers to see you through the fog, and may cause them to run into you. This can mean a hospital visit or the need for a mobile mechanic for both parties involved.

5. Heat

If it’s foggy outside, it usually means that it is cold. This means that condensation can build up inside the vehicle and block your vision further. Turning the internal heat on will help avoid extra moisture. Check out our previous article with further tips here.

6. Distance

If you’re driving on a busy road while it’s foggy, stay a safe distance away from the vehicle in front of you. If the vehicle ahead of you stops suddenly, the fog can make it hard for you to react in time.

Driving safely in foggy conditions is similar to driving safely in any other potentially dangerous condition. It’s easy to forget to be safe when the fog is making you late for work or school, but it’s always better to arrive late than to not arrive at all. By following the above safety tips, you have a good chance of arriving safely at your destination.

For further tips, the Independent has offered their advice here.

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