5 Ways to Save More Fuel

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Fuel is a natural resource. Try to imagine a day without diesel or petrol. This would lead to chaos and the price of most of the essential commodities would rise immensely . This is why it’s necessary to save fuel. We don’t require fuel to only run our vehicles but we also need it for better environment.

How to save fuel?

Avoid unnecessary braking – Consumption of fuel can be reduced by 20 to 24% if the sudden acceleration and unnecessary braking of vehicles is stopped. Unnecessary braking also causes damage to your vehicle’s engine. Driving at constant speed is a good idea because fast driving can make your fuel finish quickly.

Go for car sharing – Another way to save fuel is by car sharing and going for public transport instead of using your vehicle every time you step out of the house. If you own a company and several employees go to the same job site, you can go for car sharing instead of arranging a separate vehicle for each one of them.

Check your charge air cooler – If a charge air cooler in your vehicle is leaking, it can decrease your fuel efficiency by 0.5 mpg. Every time your vehicle is in service, ask the local mechanic to check the charge air cooler for any leakage. The whole process just takes about 20 minutes and can save you hundred of dollars.

Limit the use of Air Conditioning – The air conditioner in your vehicle should only be used when necessary. Air conditioner puts unnecessary load on your fuel economy and engine power. Also if the weather is too hot to bear without AC.

Get an engine overhaul – If your vehicle’s engine is old and you don’t want to buy a new one, to improve the engine’s performance you can contact your mobile mechanic for getting the engine overhaul. This improves the engine’s performance and increases fuel efficiency.

Even if someone doesn’t care about the environment, there are still important reasons to conserve fuel. With fuel prices increasing at frequent intervals, saving fuel just feels like a right thing to do.

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